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A Community Designed to Empower your Creative Development

Artnerd Society

Your creative development deserves clarity, connection, and support from people who have the knowledge and expertise to help you pursue your calling.

Artnerd Society is Here to Help!

We are building a network of generous, talented, focused, relentless, and kind people who appreciate the value of making meaningful things, even if no one else around them does. 

The community we build together will empower all of us to:

Develop our creative and artistic practices by engaging with and learning from the collective wisdom and experiences of an ever-growing network of creative professionals. 

Foster relationships with fellow creatives who share our intense passions for creating meaningful things that positively impact the world around us.

Find inspiration through the work, thought-provoking conversations, and expertise of fellow members.

Ask yourself, am I an Artnerd?

Do any of these symptoms sound vaguely familiar?

  • Instead of paying attention in algebra class you manically draw characters for a film you have in your head that finally answers the age-old question of who would win in an epic space battle between Genghis Kahn and Beyoncé.
  • You have ruined multiple pairs of jeans by covering them in ballpoint pen tattoo designs, cutting those jeans into strips and then sewing them all together in bag form.
  • In that bag, you can’t find your car keys because it is full of sketches, and paints, and brushes, and pens, and sticky tac, and napkins full of ideas.
  • The last time you saw an amazing film, or photograph, or painting, or animation, or design you thought to yourself “F%&*, I wish I had made that!”. 
  • You then proceed to obsessively research that film, or photograph, or painting or animation or design by finding everything the creator ever made and every influence they had.
  • After absorbing everything you can about the work and the artist, you start to make something better.

If any of that sounds familiar then you, my friend, are definitely an Artnerd. You are welcome, One of US!

I hope you will join us free of charge and add to the strength and diversity of voices within our Artnerd Society.

Jeff Tyack - Artist, Educator, and Founder

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