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Master your Creative Life

How do you build a connected, viable, and meaningful creative life in 2021?

Your creative and professional development deserves clarity, connection, and support from people who have the knowledge and expertise to help you pursue your calling.

We are bringing together a diverse group of creators, educators, and lifelong learners who want to redefine what a viable, balanced, creative life looks like in 2021.


with people who share your intense passions for creating meaningful things.


with a diverse group of creatives as we develop our creative and professional practices together.


what works and what doesn't when it comes to designing a viable creative career path in an ever-changing cultural and economic landscape.

The Pace of Change is Overwhelming

The drastic transformations going on in the creative and cultural economy today are unprecedented and overwhelming.  There has never been more opportunity for those committed to creating meaningful things, but also less stability financially, technically, and culturally. Formal credentials and degrees are losing their value at an exponential rate while the value of core skills and knowledge that define what creatives do is only increasing.

Obstacles will Appear but Solutions Exist

We understand that solutions to constantly shifting creative and professional obstacles lie in the authentic connection between open, empathetic, brave, generous, and creative people (Artnerds!) who are capable of collaborating with one another in order to master interesting and useful things. 

Using community design best practices and member-focused systems we will tap into the collective intelligence and experience of our members (including you!) in order to help one another continuously develop and master our creative and professional lives.

We have no interest in seeking permission from gatekeepers in order to access the continuous learning required to keep our practices relevant and strong. We cannot afford to wait for slow-moving, non-responsive, siloed, authoritative organizations to play catch up in order to teach us how to design a viable, creative, and meaningful life path.

No One Needs Another Social Media Feed

Artnerd Society is designed first and foremost as a system for you to foster a meaningful connection with and learn from other artists and creatives. We have no desire to constantly interrupt your day with a constant stream of advertisements, jealousy-inducing lifestyle photos, or insane articles forwarded from your great aunt who just discovered Breitbart. 

The Benefits of Membership 

Membership to our Artnerd Society includes:

  • Access to our dedicated interactive online space so you can ask questions, engage with peers, share work, and collaborate with other artists as you continuously develop your creative and professional practice.
  • Invitations to our live virtual events designed to help you overcome creative and professional obstacles while helping others do the same.
  • Priority access to free and paid courses to help you continue to learn new things and keep your skills sharp.
  • Priority access to free and paid collaborations that will inspire you to build meaningful things with a diverse group of creatives.
  • Monthly newsletter with a focus on the monthly topics and featured conversations to keep you in touch with what is going on in the community.

Your Investment

In order to keep our community as accessible and diverse as possible, the core membership of Artnerd Society is free of charge. Like any community of practice the more you put in, the more you will get out of it. Even if you never pay a cent, we ask that you contribute your knowledge, time, energy and creativity to one another in order to make the community as strong and useful as possible (When MOMA buys your work for 3.8 billion you can purchase a paid course).

The last question you need to ask yourself is... 

Am I an Artnerd?

Do any of these symptoms sound vaguely familiar?

  • You are constantly learning and practicing new ways to explore the world through creative expression and building meaningful things.
  • The last time you saw an amazing film, or photograph, or painting, or animation, or design you thought to yourself “F%&*, I wish I had made that!”
  • You then obsessively research that film, or photograph, or painting or animation or design by finding everything the creator ever made and every influence they ever had.
  • After absorbing everything you can about the work and the artist, you start to make something better.
  • Once you've made something better you obsess about sharing what you made, how you made it, and when someone looks at your work and says “F%&*, I wish I had made that!” you help them make their own version, but better.

If any of that sounds familiar then you, my friend, are definitely an Artnerd. You belong here and are welcome, One of us!

I hope you will join us and add to the strength and diversity of voices within our Artnerd Society.

Thanks for showing up and see you inside.

Jeff Tyack - Artist, Educator, and Founder

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